That fifth-seed hangover will always get you

Oct. 5, 2007

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You are reading live from the office of Post-Gazette sports editor Donna Eyring. (Mainly because her office is the only one with a television that we're allowed to be in.)

The Penguins season begins in roughly 10 minutes.

In the meantime, watch this black and white video of fight between Bob Paradise of the Penguins and Clark Gilles of the Islanders:

Hit us up at with any observations.


The first of many pregame interviews by Dan "The Man" Potash features Jordan Staal.

We guess these propaganda commercials for the Reebok Edge-Super-Duper-Mega-Ultra-Awesome-Humungo-Women-Will-Want-You Uniform System jersey are going to be staple of in game advertising.

If the playoffs started today, the Penguins would play Ottawa.

Man are those jerseys ugly.


18:21: Hurricanes fans haven't forgot Brooks Orpik breaking Erik Cole's neck. He touches the puck and is showered with boos from the Carolina faithful.

17:54: Erik Christensen rings a shot off the cross-bar.

17:00: In an absolutely stunning developement, Jarkko Ruutu gets the first penalty of the season for the Penguins.

14:59: The Penguins kill off their first penalty of the year.

14:07: It's going to take us at least 13 games to get used to seeing Rob Scuderi wearing No. 4.

12:52: Time to bench Marc-Andre Fleury. The Penguins netminder stops a Tim Gleason slapper from the point but gives up a terrible rebound to Eric Staal who bangs home an easy goal. Hurricanes 1-0.

9:05: It looks like Michel Therrien got a gift card to Syms or something. His suit tonight looks dazzling. The peach colored shirt is a bold choice. But then again, Therrien is a bold man.

6:39: Wow what an ugly goal. Eric Staal backhands a bouncing puck that deflects of the skate of Brooks Oprik into the net. Hurricanes 2-0

6:12: Chad Larose takes a penalty and the Penguins go on the power play for the first time of the season.

3:17: Ruutu is whistled for hooking. He looks determined to defend his team penalty minutes title.

3:01: Jordan Staal looks determined to defend his short-handed goal title. He fires a shot on net that Cam Ward gloves.

0:00: End of period. Hurricanes 2, Penguins 0.


Paul Steigerwald mentioned that Jordan and Eric Staal got together at Eric's house to watch their brother, Marc, made his NHL debut with the Rangers Thursday. We bet the gathering looked a lot like this.

Maxime Talbot is sporting a mean fu-manchu. Paul Teutel not impressed.

The first period of this game looked a lot like the first round of playoffs for the Penguins. They almost appear to be a little hesitant while the Hurricanes are much more aggressive.

Steigerwald and Bob Errey almost look as if they're climbing around in the rafters of RBC center.

The retired jersey of Ron Francis gets some face time. Should the Penguins ever retire some of the "Stanley Cup" era jerseys, Francis should be the first guy on the list.


17:45: Ryan Malone takes a hooking call. So far this season, NHL officials have been calling a ton of hooking and holding penalties. It's encouraging to see the league stress these penalties. Hopefully they call these penalties the same way in March and April.

17:30: Erik Cole takes a high-sticking penalty. Four-on-four.

13:48: We just discovered you can watch the game through Yahoo if you're out of the Pittsburgh market. However, EN reader Ron Coughenour informs us he is having trouble viewing it from Philadelphia.

12:13: Marc-Andre Fleury makes a big save on a one-timer attempt by Erik Cole. Darryl Sydor comes to aid Fleury and gets punched in the face.

Big save by Fleury.

9:46: Evgeni Malkin generates the Penguins best scoring opportunity as he sends a pass from the right boards to a streaking Gary Roberts on the left side of the net. Roberts goes low on Cam Ward, but can't beat the Hurricanes goaltender.

6:16: Trevor Letowski throws a lazy shot on net and Fleury freezes the puck. The Hurricanes are dominating play. They are outskating the Penguins on every shift. Additionally, anytime there's a loose puck, a red jersey is usually the first one to touch it.

5:45: Andrew Ladd chops at a loose boucing puck in the crease and it pops into the Penguins net. This is starting to look ugly. Hurricanes 3-0.

5:22: A graphic tells up the Penguins are being out-shot 22-14.

2:24: A slapper Jeff Hamilton from the point is deflected and beats Fleury. At this point, the Penguins should pull Fleury and put in Dany Sabourin. Save Fleury for the home-opener versus Anaheim tomorrow night. Hurricanes 4-0.

1:47: Evgeni Malkin breaks in alone on net but can't beat Ward down low. Ward is there to get two rebound opportunities by Malkin and Petr Sykora.

0:28: Cam Ward is eating up everything shot on net. Ryan Whitney blasts a one-timer and Ward just absorbs it.

0:00: End of period. Hurricanes 4, Penguins 0.


EN Reader Jim Briggs of Columbus, Ohio offers a few observations of the game from the mouths of his friends:

"We had to spend $5 of our buddy's monthly allowance to get the get the game on TV. By the time we did, it was 2-0.

Matt: Scuderi should not be wearing ANY number...

Briggs: You guys owe me a case of beer for upping my cable bill.

Lou: Michel Therrien does have a nice suit on, I have to agree with those guys, he looks bold.

Jim:Briggs put your kids to bed, I cannot hold the explecitves in any longer.

Matt and Steve: Now arguing whether or not to pull Fleury....gotta go.

Looking forward to another year of Empty Netters... keep it up guys.

EN-We wish we could join you guys and share some of that beer. Unfortuately, the PG has this crazy "no drinking in the office" rule.

Paul Steigerwald talks about the ugly new uniforms and sort of points out how things could be worse. He talks about how the Whalers and Flyers used to actually wear pants.

That's sort of like telling a stabbing victim it could have been worse if they were shot by a tank.


20:00: The Penguins cry "uncle" and put Dany Sabourin in. Fleury will most likely start tomorrow night against Anaheim. Outside of the first goal, it's hard to blame him for tonight.

18:51: Ward is tuned in tonight. He almost wills a Sidney Crosby shot on net towards his glove and calmy freezes the puck.

17:31: Bob Errey wishes Mario Lemieux a happy birthday. We bet he's in the best shape of his life.

16:50: Crosby whips a backhander on net but Ward is there again with a nice glove save. They Penguins aren't beating him tonight.

14:03: Scott Walker takes a slashing penalty. Penguins go on the power play.

12:19: Malone snaps a one timer on net and Ward punches it out. Christensen swipes the rebound out of mid-air into the net, but the officials make the easy no-goal call saying it was poked in with a high stick.

6:34: Maxime Talbot breaks in on a breakaway and attacks Ward's five-hole but is denied.

5:27: Georges Laraque plays the best shift by a Penguin all night. He generates two scoring opportunites and draws a penalty. Penguins go on the the power play. They're 0-for-4 tonight with the man advantage.

4:33: Laraque is getting some time on the power play. Why not? He's played easily the best hockey tonight for the Penguins despite limited ice time.

4:30: A slapshot from the point hits a cluster of bodies in front of the Penguins net. Sydor gets highsticked and the Penguins get a two-man advantage. Even though it doesn't count, Sabourin makes a nice save on a unofficial shot by Andrew Ladd.

3:23: Malkin makes a nifty pass from behind the net to Mark Recchi who slides the puck past Ward easily. It's a shame Ward won't get a shutout tonight. He's played out of his mind. Hurricanes 4-1.

0:00: End of period. Fire Therrien. Hurricanes 4, Penguins 1


It's not hard to figure out what happened tonight. The Hurricanes were hungrier. They played like it was April. The Penguins played like it was still September.

Was it us, or was Sidney Crosby invisible until the third period?

Perhaps Michel Therrien needs to go back to wearing his Salvation Army store suits? He's 0-1-0 in nice suits.

Dave Molinari's recap.

Ron Cook says the Penguins could've learned something from last this game.

The Penguins are also 0-1-0 with Crosby as the captain. It's clearly time to give the "C" to Adam Hall.

In a post-game interview, Marc-Andre Fleury is sporting a "butt-cut." He's really taking this loss seriously.

The Penguins' new shorts look like some really ugly swim trunks we had in eighth grade.

Scoring Summary.

Event Summary.



The Penguins opponents tomorrow night, the Ducks, got blasted by the Blue Jackets, 4-0.


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