Hooked On Horns

Sept. 1, 2007

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Some brilliant person found clips of 24 goal horns in the NHL and put together a stunning YouTube clip.

Say what you will about the Rangers, but they have the best horn in our book. Conversely, the Blue Jackets' horn sounded like it has a stuffed nose.


The Dallas Stars have launched a fantastic advertising campaign where they basically brag about how much better hockey is than other sports. All the billboard advertisements can be found on in this .pdf file from the Dallas Morning News.

Easily the best (and most ironic) of the advertisements takes the NBA to task for the scandal involving official Tim Donaghy. The billboard reads, "The only thing our refs shave is the ice."

Yes, that is change-your-pants hilarious, but given how much the NHL's officiating seemingly regressed back towards the pre-lockout days last season, Gary Bettman and company shouldn't be getting on any other league's case in the area of officiating.

Given how players like Islanders winger Chris Simon and Flames goaltender Jamie McLennan essentially committed assault and battery last season, it's somewhat peculiar the NHL wouldn't have a problem with an advertisement touting the league with those same exact words.

Sharks center Patrick Marleau, who has been the subject of a myriad of trade rumors, signed an extension with San Jose.

Former Kings goaltender Sean Burke still wants to play.

The NHL Tournament of Logos blog, which is now a regular stop for us in our daily Internet travels, posted a fantastic concept design for the uniforms of the former Kansas City Scouts with a certain No. 87's jersey number. You might be a little perturbed by the image given that the Penguins were long rumored to be moving to Kansas City, but you have to applaud these brilliant designs. Should the NHL ever return to Kansas City, it would be a great idea to use them.

It looks like someone found what the Flyers jersey will look like.

The Minnesota Wild's new jersey will basically be its old third jersey with some white lines on the collarbones.

Vesa Toskala, the Maple Leafs new goaltender, has a scary new mask.

Capitals winger Alexander Ovechkin launched his own blog. His blog plans on beating up Evgeni Malkin's agent's blog.

The NHLPA is still a mess.

If you've ever lurked around on Craigslist you know there's a lot of scary stuff on there, especially in the personals section. Well The Pensblog found perhaps the most frightening thing ever on there; An autographed Milan Kraft jersey for $50.

The Wheeling Nailers signed center Jason Tejchma.


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