Will It Happen Tonight?

June 6, 2007

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Something similar to the above scene could take place this evening on the West Coast. Grown men with two months of worth of facial hair could kiss a 35-pound (16 kilograms if you're Canadian) that allegedly has been used as a toilet more than once. And it might be greatest thing about this sport.

For us, watching the Cup presentation is one of those few pure moments in sports. Doesn't matter who has won it. Whether it's a team we've pulled for like the Tampa Bay Lightning a squad we just don't care for like the New Jersey Devils. Seeing any hockey player realize a dream is something to cherish.


After Game 3 tied a record low for NBC's prime time ratings Saturday, Game 4 rebounded somewhat.

The Senators couldn't get any ice time this morning. Bryan Murray blamed Sidney Crosby.

The Islanders say no to Yashin. After six years, the Islanders have finally given up on Alexei Yashin and bought out the remaining four years of a 10-year deal he signed in 2000. This should make it easier for the Islanders to resign Jason Blake and/or Ryan Smyth.

Jerry Bruckheimer is interested in bringing a NHL team to Las Vegas?

Remember that imminent move the Predators were going to make to Southern Ontario now that Jim Balsillie is trying to buy them. Well the Canadian government might have something to say about it.

The Scott Gomez sweepstakes are about to begin.

Take Nik Antropov off your Penguins Free Agent Pool.

Former Penguins Joe Mullen and Kjell Samuelsson get some new jobs within the Flyers organization.

The Sharks are raising their ticket prices too.

Shelly Anderson provides us with a story on a film company that is profiling goaltenders with multiple sclerosis.


South America reads us, sort of.

"I've been reading (Empty Netters) since day one. I've read the post about how EN has hits from four continents but not South America. Don't know if it counts but I became a Pens fan when I lived in Brazil after watching "Sudden Death" though I'm living in Germany now. And I know guys who read the EN down there, too." - Bruno Brandt, Gengenbach, Germany

EN-First off, Bruno Brant sounds like the name of someone you don't want to get into a fight with. The Penguins should sign Bruno if they get rid of Georges Laraque. It's just a tough name. Second of all, if there's one policy EN adheres too regularly, it's to exploit Howard Baldwin-related cinema for our own betterment at all times. So yes, we'll count you as our South America hit Bruno.

They dissed the Stanley Cup in New Orleans apparently:

"Hey I was just reading your post about Game 3 of the final not being shown in Tampa and thought I would let you know that our NBC affiliate here in New Orleans did the same thing. I planned not to do anything on Saturday night and I turn on the TV at 7 p.m. (I'm in the central time zone) and there was a telethon on. I know I'm probably one of about five people interested in hockey here, but that's still a little ridiculous. Anyway, love the blog, keep up the good work and go Pens!" - Mike Tartarski, New Orleans

EN-A quick search shows WDSU-TV is the NBC affiliate in New Orleans. WDSU-TV is now on the official Empty Netters David Volek list. As of now the EN David Volek list includes:

David Volek



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