Business Workshop: Employee turnover is costly

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Employees don't quit companies, they quit bosses. Acknowledging an employee's strongest behaviors and adapting your management style to complement those behaviors can help your company avoid a high turnover rate and create workplace magic in the process.

Anyway you slice it, turnover is costing your organization valuable dollars. Psychometric assessments can help you make the right selection the first time and allow you to avoid the mistake that could cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars.

Science tells us people have an innate need to contribute to something larger than themselves, so there are no unmotivated people -- only unmotivated workers.

Successfully engaging employees long term depends on creating and defining clear roles to place the right people in those settings so they don't have to behave any differently at work than outside the office. If you can create an atmosphere for employees where their mental stamina is always on the task at hand, then they never feel as if they are going to work.

This phenomenon is referred to as the "Platinum Rule." Most managers believe they should treat employees how they would want to be treated, but not every person is wired the same. If the employee was chosen for the role based on a psychometric assessment, the manager has all the data he or she needs to treat employees how they need to be treated.

If you have alignment and clarity in definition of the role you're hiring for, then everything else falls in line. People are perfect the way they are; it is up to the manager to make sure they are in the right role. Put the right person in the right seat, be clear about expectations and watch workplace magic happen.

-- Dan Courser, Predictive Synergistic Systems,

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