Debbie and Rick Peterson in their First Side condo.

First Side condo puts a couple on top of a thriving city

Empty-nesters join the Downtown neighborhood with show-stopping views in 151 First Side.

4 days ago

 The front of a model S&A home in Piatt Estates in Chartiers Township. The Winterbury is 2,634 square feet with four bedrooms and two full baths and a powder room.

Buying Here: Piatt Estates is still a family affair

Take one father, two sons and the family farm. Add a neighboring farm, several contractors and great views and what do you have?

5 days ago

 Don Clayton of Franklin Park points to the new walls that are part of a $100,000 backyard project done by A&N Lawn Service Inc.

From grill to great: The livin' is easy — and outdoors — for many in Pittsburgh region

The outdoor living space was slow to catch on in Western Pennsylvania, but more and more are investing and enjoying the view.

6 days ago

 The renovations to the Victorian home in Derry included installing new vinyl siding, new shutters and a new roof.

Buying Here: Derry Victorian brought back to life

After a year of restoration, five-bedroom, 1 1/2-bath home is truly a Victorian classic once more.

1 week ago

 The Copley chair by C.R.Laine with a broad racing stripe leaves the competition in the dust.

Vertical racing stripes trending at the Spring High Point Market

Vertical stripes commonly associated with classic speedsters made the jump from the racetrack to chairs and sofas.

2 weeks ago

 This house at 2324 N. Madelyn Circle in Tucson, Ariz., was occupied by Clark Gable in 1942 after his wife, Carole Lombard, was killed in an airplane crash, local residents say. It has been for sale for several years.

Clark Gable's former home awaits a buyer

A house occupied once by one of the most famous actors in Hollywood sits unsold for years in a Tucson, Ariz., neighborhood.

2 weeks ago

 The home in North Huntingdon for sale.

Buying Here: N. Huntingdon home is plenty large to play host to parties

Homeowner planned every detail of this 3,650-square-foot house in North Huntingdon.

2 weeks ago

 The house at 181 Dravo Ave, Beaver, Pa.

Buying Here: Beaver home gains charm over 35 years of renovation

From top to bottom, Foursquare in Beaver has changed much during couple's 35 years of ownership.

3 weeks ago

 General Electric's third generation of GE Lighting’s A-line ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED bulbs, the industry’s first ENERGY STAR-qualified LEDs, give consumers greater control and flexibility in their home while offering a familiar shape, size and quality of light to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Going with LED lights is a bright idea

The new wave of LED light bulbs use less energy, last longer and are better for the environment than incandescents and CFLs.

3 weeks ago

 Possini Euro Design Vita 23 3/4" Wide Black Ring Pendant / MSRP $399.99

LED light fixtures come in many shapes

Designers are having fun with new technology in light-emitting diodes.

3 weeks ago