French marigolds come in more than orange.

Marigolds, nasturtiums still charming, easy to grow

Marigolds are mainstay for beds, containers and window boxes. Their pungent scent repels many insects and is unappealing to deer & rabbits.

about 14 hours ago

Garden at Aiken school in Green Tree promotes healthy lifestyle

Students helped to plant the garden and are learning how to care for the plants.

1 day ago

Gardening Q&A: Houseplants get sunburn if they're set out too quickly

When moving houseplants outdoors, avoid sunburn by gradually increasing exposure over 10-14 days.

1 week ago

 Asparagus is purchased at the Ridgeview Acres Farm stand May 14, the opening day of the farmers market in Market Square.

Enjoy Pennsylvania asparagus all year round with these recipes

With these make-ahead recipes, you, too, can extend your enjoyment, whatever the weather.

1 week ago

Home/Garden Notes: Bonsai and Herb Societies host spring shows

Herbs and bonsai trees are front and center in local show and sale.

2 weeks ago

Gardening Q&A: Timing is the key

Once fruit trees bloom, it’s too late for dormant oil application. Also, can you reuse grass seed leftover from the fall?

2 weeks ago

 A Monarch butterfly rests on a purple coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia).

Butterflies don't like butterfly bush all that much

No butterflies use butterfly bush as a host plant and it's also very invasive, experts say.

3 weeks ago

Worms get compost exchange off the ground

Getting Shadyside Worms off the ground means showing creepy crawlers in the best light.

3 weeks ago

 Benary’s Giant zinnia.

Gardening: Best bloomers in demonstration gardens

If you have at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, these annuals will make your garden great in 2015.

3 weeks ago

 Keukenhof in Holland displays over 7 million bulbs and is only open for eight weeks when the spring flowers are at their peak. Here, two rows of hyacinths and a row of daffodils bloom, while late tulips are next.

Spring visit to Keukenhof's gardens exceeds all expectations

Keukenhof is a gardener's paradise, a place to spend at least one full day, with beds massed with the same flowers.

4 weeks ago