It's about time someone took a stand against bad parents

Letter to the food editor

I was thrilled to learn that a restaurant proprietor has finally taken a firm stand against the self-absorbed and inconsiderate parents and guardians who bring unruly young children to dine, ruining the experience for others.

Michael Vuick, owner of McDain's Restaurant in Monroeville, will preclude children under the age of 6 from his establishment effective July 16 due to disruptions and complaints from patrons.

My wife and I used to dine regularly at a good Mount Lebanon Italian/pizza restaurant. We no longer go there as it has become a haven for families with young children, who are apparently welcomed by management.

As anyone who lives in today's world knows, it has become a place in which civility, respect for others, and common courtesy are increasingly rare, a place where the "It's all about me and my family; we can do anything we want" syndrome has taken over. I see this even in my otherwise fine neighborhood with those who are derelict dog guardians, believing that they have a right to disturb others by stationing their barking and aggressive dogs in the front yard from early in the morning to late evening. Why do such people get a dog in the first place if they do not want it in their home as a companion animal and are unwilling to provide it with the legitimate exercise that all dogs need?

When common courtesy becomes rare, rules and in some cases, laws, must be enforced.

May Mr. Vuick's action be the start of a trend. My right to dine out in peace must always trump that of the arrogant people who believe they have an inherent "right" to destroy a restaurant for others through the presence of a screaming toddler. Such individuals have the following options: stay home, or dine at Chuck E. Cheese's or McDonald's, where the diner expects to eat with other loud children. Parents who have a burning need to dine out should remember that they were not forced to have children, and that with a child comes responsibility not only to the child, but to others.

I do not live close to McDain's Restaurant, but I am inclined to venture there to support a reasonable man who cares about his customers and the decorum of his dining room. If the concept of enforcing a regulation to ensure that diners enjoy a peaceful meal is considered radical, then bring on the revolution! Bravo!

Oren Spiegler
Upper St. Clair


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