Cybertainment: Busy Drew Carey adds online documentaries to schedule

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The Post-Gazette's Adrian McCoy keeps an eye on the Internet and any online developments in arts and entertainment, and passes them on to our readers.

STAND-UP COMIC DREW CAREY HAS BRANCHED OUT IN MANY DIRECTIONS IN HIS CAREER: sitcom star and actor, game-show host, producer, director and writer. Now, he's making online mini-documentaries.

"The Drew Carey Project" is part of Reason.TV, a site devoted to free market ideas and videos. It was launched by the nonprofit Libertarian think tank, Reason Foundation.

Carey is a genial host, and his comedy skills keep the narration from becoming too preachy. The documentary format is a quick here's-the-problem, here's-how-to-fix-it approach that should appeal to viewers.

In "Gridlock: Hell on Wheels," the first eight-minute video, Carey explores the problem of urban traffic congestion in Los Angeles. He proposes several solutions, including tunnels and elevated highways, which would be built with private funding. Future episodes will explore issues like immigration, eminent domain and drug laws.

The site gives viewers a chance to discuss the issues raised in online posts, submit their own videos or suggest ideas for future Carey documentaries.

Lower-resolution versions of the videos are also on YouTube.


They'll be online correspondents, taking viewers through the weekend's events and festivities from the perspective of the video cameras that are semi-permanently affixed to their heads.

Ezarik, 23, is a popular personality on Justin.TV, a 24-hour video streaming network founded by Kan, in which viewers watch videos of the lifecasters as they go about their daily lives.

The live Justin.TV webcast runs from Oct. 26-28.

WIKIPEDIA, THE COLLABORATIVE WEB-BASED ENCYCLOPEDIA THAT CAN BE EDITED BY USERS, HAS SPAWNED WIKIRAGE, a site that monitors which Wikipedia entries are getting the most edits.

It tracks the top 100 pages getting the most unique edits, with topics ranging from the important to the extremely trivial.

Recently topping the list is a "South Park" episode -- "Imaginationland Episode II" -- followed by the entry documenting the California wildfires.

Clicking on each entry yields a list of edits and changes made. The site also indicates which items have high revision or vandalism rates, and which have been flagged for inaccurate information.

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN WEEKEND, the first episode of a locally-created Web series about zombie killers launches on Oct. 26.

The concept behind "Dead Patrol" is scary on every level. The drama centers on a world where the walking dead outnumber the living. The military is trying to "reset" society, and C.L.E.A.N. (Clear the Living, Evacuate And Nuke) units armed with nuclear weapons are on a mission to destroy the zombies.

"Dead Patrol" is created by Moon Township-based JAS Entertainment.

FOR THOSE PREPARING FOR THE BIG HALLOWEEN NIGHT, there's a Web site filled with great ideas for keeping it safe.

The Halloween Safety Guide has tips for both kids and adults, plus advice on creating safe haunted yard displays, costumes and on keeping trick-or-treaters and pets out of harm's way.

Adrian McCoy can be reached at or at 412-263-1865.


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