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Dick Van Dyke is said to be OK after his Jaguar went up in smoke Monday afternoon, People reports.

Jason Pennington, the man who rescued the star, tells TMZ that Van Dyke, 87, was driving along the 101 freeway in Los Angeles when his car burst into flames. Pennington pulled over, found him hunched over at the wheel and helped him out of the car.

According to the report, Van Dyke seemed slightly disoriented, but did not seek medical attention and was brought home by his wife shortly thereafter.

To most, the news of Lee Thompson Young's death on Tuesday came as a complete shock.

But sources close to the late actor exclusively tell E! News he had suffered from depression for some time leading up to his apparent suicide.

The "Rizzoli & Isles" star, who was 29 at the time of his death, "didn't drink or party," says a source, adding, "He was the opposite. Lee loved to travel and was always the first to tell everyone to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of life." He was always "gentle and unassuming," despite his early success, and didn't have the typical "look-at-me" attitude.

That said, those close to Young noticed things "really changed" a few years ago when he began practicing Yoruba, an Africa-based religion that has a saying, "iku ya j'esin," meaning "death is preferable to ignominy." Some have questioned whether this means that suicide is an acceptable way to preserve personal or family honor in the face of public shame.

However, Yoruba culture icon and chief priest of Osogbo, Araba Ifayemi Osundagbonu Elebuibon, told the National Mirror earlier this year that the religion "[does] not support suicide. Their belief is that if somebody commits suicide, they will be punished in the hereafter."

The "Famous Jett Jackson" star "took [his religion] to the next level and started wearing white all of the time," says a source, adding, "This religion was everything to him." Although he reportedly took a break from practicing Yoruba, he recently returned to the religion. Just before his death, he visited a small village in Africa for something reportedly related to the religion.

As for Young's family? A source notes that he was close with his mother and sister, but relatives were worried his close friends no longer lived in LA, leaving him surrounded mostly by "industry types."

The gift of gab seems to be paying off nicely for Jon Stewart, E! News reports.

According to TV Guide, "The Daily Show" host is now pulling in more money than his late night counterparts.

Stewart is reportedly earning between $25 million-$30 million a year, whereas Jay Leno and David Letterman are said to be making $20 million each.

In other areas, "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher continues to dominate in prime time with $750,000 per episode, while Howard Stern reigns supreme when it comes to reality TV programming, earning $15 million per year as a judge on "America's Got Talent."

Over in news, "Today" co-host Matt Lauer rakes in an impressive $22 million-$25 million a year, a number made even more impressive considering Rachel Maddow placed second with $7 million.

But these folks have nothing on Judy Sheindlin!

Not only does the "Judge Judy" star earn more than anybody in both daytime and syndication, she blows everyone else away.

So how much are we talking here?

Try $47 million a year!

This is turning out to be quite a week for Ed Sheeran!

On Monday, NBC announced the Grammy-nominated singer would be joining season five of "The Voice" as a mentor for Christina Aguilera's team. Later that day, news broke that Taylor Swift's Red tourmate would be headlining his own show at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Nov. 1.

Mr. Sheeran, unfortunately, didn't get to announce his exciting MSG news on his terms. Entertainment personality Ralphie Aversa let the cat out of the bag on his radio show, citing a month-old interview where Ed talked about the gig.

The "A Team" singer clearly got word of Ralphie breaking the news and tweeted Monday night, "Regardless of someone jumping the gun, I am making a very special announcement tomorrow."

"I know it's just another news story," Ed replied, "but it's the biggest thing in my career to date, wanted to announce it properly thats all."

When Ralphie pointed out he "waited over a month" to share the details of his interview with Ed, the singer replied graciously, "My mistake, it's all good."

The redheaded Brit went on to tweet the news on his own accord early Tuesday morning, writing, "I am playing madison square garden on november 1st. Stay tuned for more details."

"My dad always said you haven't made it til you've played MSG so it's a massive honour," he added.

And when One Direction's Harry Styles asked, "Can I come please?" Ed tweeted back, "Of course, I'd be offended if you didn't."

It's the little things!

Connecticut police say a convenience store clerk has been critically injured trying to stop the theft of two signs featuring images of actor David Hasselhoff, The Associated Press reports.

Authorities say the 36-year-old clerk at a Cumberland Farms in Shelton saw a man put the signs into an SUV shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday. Police say the worker was struck and dragged by the SUV and landed on his head.

Police say the clerk is hospitalized in critical condition, and authorities are looking for the suspects. The employee's name hasn't been released.

Hasselhoff starred in the TV shows "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider." The signs featuring him advertise iced coffee. Cumberland Farms officials say more than 500 of them have been stolen from stores in several states in recent months.

NBC's "Today" show is investing in readers.

The morning program announced Tuesday that it is starting a new book club. Its first club pick is "The Bone Season," the debut novel of 21-year-old Samantha Shannon. Published by Bloomsbury, it's the first in a planned seven-part series set in a dystopian futuristic London, the AP reports.

The "Today" show had a book club about 10 years ago. It lasted about three years.

This time the show has combined forces with Google Plus Hangout to open up a discussion about the books among "Today" personalities, authors and fans.

New selections will be made every four to five weeks. The chosen reads will have stickers on their covers like Oprah's Book Club, which was featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Winfrey has revived her club on the OWN network, now called Oprah's Book Club 2.0.



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