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The husband of celebrity chef and author Nigella Lawson has accepted a police citation and admitted that he assaulted his wife after a public argument at a London restaurant on June 9, People reports.

Charles Saatchi, 70, was interviewed by British police for five hours about the fight, where he was seen with his hands around Lawson's neck in a row he first downplayed as merely a couple's tiff. Photographers outside the restaurant captured the images of the confrontation, which were published this weekend to great public outcry.

Saatchi received a formal police citation on Monday, called a caution, which means he admitted his actions. Had he not come clean, formal charges could have been brought, the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday. The caution ends the matter with police.

Saatchi, a wealthy art collector and global ad agency co-founder who married Lawson, now 53, in 2003, had first sought to downplay the exchange as a "playful tiff."

Lawson has not commented publicly on the incident. Her rep confirmed Monday that she had taken her children and left her home, although it was not known if the move would be permanent.

Video shows Justin Bieber running into a photographer with his white Ferrari in Hollywood, but police say there was no crime and the injuries aren't life-threatening, The Associated Press reports.

Lt. Craig Valenzuela says Bieber's car collided with the person at 11:45 p.m. Monday on Sunset Boulevard.

Valenzuela says nobody was cited or arrested and officers determined no crime was committed. He says investigators are trying to determine whether the pedestrian was in the roadway.

A video posted by shows Bieber getting into a Ferrari. He's surrounded by paparazzi and as the car drives off, one falls to the ground and grips his knee.

Katy Perry "goes there" with Vogue about two of her high-profile relationships in the magazine's July cover story, the AP reports.

The singer says of ex-husband Russell Brand that she "was in love with him when I married him" in 2010. She adds that she hasn't heard from the comedian since Brand sent her a text on New Year's Eve 2011 saying he wanted a divorce. Perry says she blamed herself for their breakup until she "found out the real truth," which she "can't necessarily disclose."

She also opens up about her on-again-off-again relationship with John Mayer, saying she "was madly in love with him" and still is. She also says he has a "beautiful mind" and a "tortured soul."

The July issue of Vogue goes on sale June 25.

Second time's the charm for Miss Utah!

Twenty-one-year-old Marissa Powell who garnered a great deal of attention after she flubbed her response to judge NeNe Leakes question -- which pertained to men continuing to earn more than women -- during the live broadcast of the Miss USA pageant.

"I think we can relate this back to education, and how we are continuing to strive to," she said at the pageant, followed by a long pause, before adding, "figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem. And I think, especially the men are, um, seen as the leaders of this, and so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so we can solve this problem. Thank you."

Safe to say we can all agree it's not the most eloquent answer.

The young beauty was given a chance to redeem herself on the "Today" show Tuesday morning when host Matt Lauer asked her the very same question, and, luckily, she provided a much better response:

"This is not OK,'' the third-runner up said. "It needs to be equal pay for equal work. It's hard enough already to earn a living, and it shouldn't be harder just because you're a woman."

As for an explanation for the epic flub? Powell -- who, Lauer noted, has only competed in three pageants "at that level" -- says she was overcome with anxiety and got caught up in the heat of the moment.

If you ask Melissa Etheridge, Angelina Jolie has the right to do with her body whatever she chooses, most notably the latter's preventive double mastectomy.

But that doesn't mean she agrees with Brad Pitt's take on it.

The 52-year-old rocker made headlines after she gave an interview to the Washington Blade in which she took issue with the "World War Z" star's comments that what his partner did was "heroic."

"I wouldn't call [Jolie's double mastectomy] the brave choice. I actually think it's the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer," Etheridge, a breast cancer survivor herself, told the paper.

Now after those eyebrow-raising remarks caught the attention of Pitt, the Grammy winner is clarifying what she meant in a statement to E! News released through her rep.

"I don't have any opinion of what she 'should have' done," Etheridge said. "All are free to choose. I only objected to the term 'brave' describing it."

For his part, Pitt appeared to have mixed feelings about Etheridge's objection.

When asked by Us Weekly at Monday's "World War Z" premiere in New York City how he felt about hearing Etheridge's view, the actor said he didn't know and only heard about the comments before hitting the red carpet.

"Melissa's an old friend of mine," Pitt told the magazine of his pal, who performed at his 2000 wedding to Jennifer Aniston. "I'm sure we'll talk on the phone. I don't know what it is."

In the days after Jolie went public with the news of her surgery in a New York Times op-ed, the 50-year-old actor expressed unqualified support for her decision, telling London's Evening Standard, "I find Angie's choice, as well as so many others like her, absolutely heroic."



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