As tax day approaches, are you up to date?

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The Post-Gazette has reported on some changes and little-known aspects to tax law. Are you ready for April 15?

A high withholding rate to force savings is a bad strategy

Some people say they use federal withholding as a forced savings plan, contending they aren't disciplined enough to save on their own. But experts say that means people are giving up control over their own money.

Taxpayers swamp IRS status website looking for refunds

Some taxpayers likely are antsy about getting their refunds because of delays in processing federal returns this year. The Internal Revenue Service began processing returns Jan. 30, eight days later than anticipated because of congressional wrangling over expiring tax cuts.

There's a tax option for non-relatives living under one roof

An IRS rule that many taxpayers overlook also allows people to claim girlfriends or boyfriends as dependents -- as long as they meet certain criteria

Many household workers aren't paid legally

Some estimates put the percentage of families who employ household help yet cheat on the "nanny tax" as high as 80 to 95 percent.

January payroll tax hike has plenty feeling the pinch

Many working Americans are already feeling the pinch from the boost in Social Security payroll taxes that kicked in Jan. 1, forcing them to pull back on spending.



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