Brian O'Neill

 Barb Kline, at the counter of Nied'€™s Hotel in Lawrenceville, is celebrating her 50th year as a cook and server at the neighborhood landmark.

Brian O'Neill: Fifty years on, Barbie's still cooking at Nied's

Barb Kline, at 71, is still on the job at Nied’s in Lawrenceville. What’s her secret to good health? “I drink a lot of water and I pray.”

2 days ago

 Artist's rendering of the Trek proposal to incorporate the historical buildings into new housing at Federal and North.

Brian O'Neill | North Side Story: battling over a blighted block

A developer’s serious plan for the festering Garden Theater block has broad support. A few neighbors object to the size. Cue the molasses.

6 days ago

Brian O'Neill: So you’re older than the old guys?

You run the comfortable old lies through your head. Age is just a number. Getting older beats the alternative. None of those bromides work.

1 week ago

 The Pennsylvanian, an Amtrak passenger train line that runs between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, goes around Horseshoe Curve in Altoona.

Brian O'Neill: Rail ridership is up — what's lacking are frequent trains

Michael C. Alexander heads Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail, and he’d like to see more trains chugging out of Pittsburgh.

1 week ago

 The front logo on a T-Shirt promoting the Pittsburgh vs. Cuba boxing event.

Brian O'Neill: Let's have Cuban boxers on Clemente Bridge

The local delegation landing in Havana today is pursuing many links. Why not showcase a Pittsburgh landmark with a sporting match?

2 weeks ago

 George Carlin used to say, “Inside every silver lining, there’s a dark cloud.’’

Brian O'Neill: Your biggest worry should be about having no worries

Don’t worry unless you think you have no worries, a new study suggests.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: City tortoise beats housing market hare

Since 1980, Pittsburgh’s housing-price index has risen 218 percent,  as close a match to the nation’s 237 percent increase as you can get.

3 weeks ago

 Friends and family embrace during a vigil on Forbes Avenue on Oct. 24. At left is the "ghost bike" placed at the site of Susan Hicks’ accident.

Brian O'Neill: We all pay for city streets, so make them safe for all

More safety on the streets is what we all deserve, regardless of how we travel.

3 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: ICA has a model in the House of Lords

ICA has too much in common with Britain’s House of Lords.

1 month ago