Brian O'Neill

 Friends and family surround Sylvia Wofford Burnett in her room at St. John's Specialty Care Center in Mars on Friday. From left are friend Chari Frederick, brother Gregory Wofford, Sylvia, and friends Wendy Volpe and her son Tino, 6.

Brian O'Neill: Sylvia Burnett dying to host one final blowout

She knows the best time to throw her last party — sometime before she dies. But don’t call it a “funeral party.”

2 days ago

Brian O'Neill: Pension mess rooted in bad 2001 bill

Shortsighted pension boost 14 years ago set the stage for the mess that needs to be addressed in Harrisburg now.

5 days ago

 As previews roll at the Dependable Drive-In in Moon Township, lights from nearby businesses give off a faint glow behind the trees.

Brian O'Neill: Drive-ins make nice story that's more than nostalgia

No need to just be nostalgic about drive-ins when you can still go.

1 week ago

Brian O'Neill: Pittsburgh’s population challenges stand out

Had Pittsburgh played by Sun Belt/​Drought Belt rules, folks in Peters and McCandless and past the airport would be residents paying  taxes.

1 week ago

 Hugo Garcia, a Pittsburgh boxer, takes a break from preparing for the Olympic qualifying tournament.

Brian O'Neill: Local boxer takes a roundabout route to pursue Olympics

Pittsburgh Irish sell burritos to send teen named Garcia to Ireland so an Olympic gold medal boxer can train him to qualify for U.S. team.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: Call goes out to mayoral descendants

Roundup of all Pittsburgh mayoral descendants is a herculean task.

2 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: Bankers remain too big to jail

The Joe Graziano case shows that the real crime is how easily banks get away with committing them.

1 month ago