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 The front logo on a T-Shirt promoting the Pittsburgh vs. Cuba boxing event.

Brian O'Neill: The Clemente touch lures Cuban boxers to Pittsburgh

The brainchild of Mike Diven from Brookline, Cubans will meet local boxers for friendly competition on the Clemente Bridge in July.

about 23 hours ago

 Barb Kline, at the counter of Nied'€™s Hotel in Lawrenceville, is celebrating her 50th year as a cook and server at the neighborhood landmark.

Brian O'Neill: Fifty years on, Barbie's still cooking at Nied's

Barb Kline, at 71, is still on the job at Nied’s in Lawrenceville. What’s her secret to good health? “I drink a lot of water and I pray.”

3 days ago

 Artist's rendering of the Trek proposal to incorporate the historical buildings into new housing at Federal and North.

Brian O'Neill | North Side Story: battling over a blighted block

A developer’s serious plan for the festering Garden Theater block has broad support. A few neighbors object to the size. Cue the molasses.

1 week ago

Brian O'Neill: So you’re older than the old guys?

You run the comfortable old lies through your head. Age is just a number. Getting older beats the alternative. None of those bromides work.

1 week ago

 The Pennsylvanian, an Amtrak passenger train line that runs between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, goes around Horseshoe Curve in Altoona.

Brian O'Neill: Rail ridership is up — what's lacking are frequent trains

Michael C. Alexander heads Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail, and he’d like to see more trains chugging out of Pittsburgh.

2 weeks ago

 The front logo on a T-Shirt promoting the Pittsburgh vs. Cuba boxing event.

Brian O'Neill: Let's have Cuban boxers on Clemente Bridge

The local delegation landing in Havana today is pursuing many links. Why not showcase a Pittsburgh landmark with a sporting match?

2 weeks ago

 George Carlin used to say, “Inside every silver lining, there’s a dark cloud.’’

Brian O'Neill: Your biggest worry should be about having no worries

Don’t worry unless you think you have no worries, a new study suggests.

3 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: City tortoise beats housing market hare

Since 1980, Pittsburgh’s housing-price index has risen 218 percent,  as close a match to the nation’s 237 percent increase as you can get.

3 weeks ago

 Friends and family embrace during a vigil on Forbes Avenue on Oct. 24. At left is the "ghost bike" placed at the site of Susan Hicks’ accident.

Brian O'Neill: We all pay for city streets, so make them safe for all

More safety on the streets is what we all deserve, regardless of how we travel.

4 weeks ago