Brian O'Neill

 Screengrab of the YouTube page for “Soldier, Let Me Read Your Letter’’ performed by Glenn Miller.

Brian O'Neill: Reminders keep coming of a soldier’s sweet song

What did your daddy do in The War? That’s a question we baby boom boys often asked in grade school but which rarely comes up anymore.

about 6 hours ago

Brian O'Neill: Budget impasse is long-running joke on us

The state budget impasse is kind of like a sitcom, only longer.

3 days ago

 Ah, lovely old historic North Side homes. Servants not included.

Brian O'Neill: This old house needs dusting. Where’d the servants go?

The charms of a big, old city house are real. But do lower the bar for cleanliness, unless you have the servants that once came standard.

1 week ago

 Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her husband, former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea.

Brian O'Neill: Presidents fade, but ‘The Simpsons’ endure

By now there are millions of voters who can’t remember a time before the Bushes, the Clintons and “The Simpsons.”

1 week ago

 In June 1998, this was the North Shore. Plenty of parking lots, but not much happening.

Brian O'Neill: Maligned ex-mayor Tom Murphy looks better, just like his city

With nearly a decade’s hindsight, it’s time to give Mr. Murphy his due: He saw what post-industrial Pittsburgh could be, and got it in gear.

2 weeks ago

 Pittsburgh could use more trains like this.

Brian O'Neill: Addition of Amtrak train is up in air

Pittsburgh sure could use another Amtrak train, but it’s up in the air.

2 weeks ago

 The Elks' Carnival Fair Grounds in Recreation Park, Allegheny City.

Brian O'Neill: What was baseball like in Pittsburgh in the 1800s?

Baseball was also played on the North Side in the 19th century, but a tad differently.

3 weeks ago

 A view of part of the Pittsburgh skyline, Heinz Field, PNC Park and the confluence of the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio rivers.

Brian O'Neill: Vital rankings tied to more than Pittsburgh sports

It’s great to be a great sports town, but don’t view that as the most important ranking.

3 weeks ago

 Mellon Square, where people like to sit.

Brian O'Neill: Downtown plazas and benches in Pittsburgh sit just fine with many users

Insincere nods to pedestrians “where everything else is planned around moving and storing cars” made me realize we have it pretty good.

4 weeks ago