Vile Nickelback pleases fans

Concert review

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On Thursday, one of Canada's finest exports, Rush, arrived at Consol Energy Center with a virtual time machine, which would have come in handy Friday night.

It would have allowed those with Nickelback tickets to go back in time to the night before or forward to the "The Wall" show next week.

OK, hold your letters. Just having a little fun at Nickelback's expense because that's what critics are supposed to do. Nickelback asked for it by sounding like a knockoff of a Pearl Jam knockoff.

That didn't prevent the Canadian band from putting on a boorish but high-powered, crowd-pleasing show last night with alt-metal rowdies Three Days Grace and Buckcherry at an arena with many open seats.

"Nice to be back in Pittsburgh!" singer Chad Kroeger shouted two songs in. "Brand new building ... We're going to ruin it tonight!"

If formulaic hard rock songs such as "Photograph" and "Rockstar" and sexist ones such as "Shakin' Hands" could ruin a building, that very well may have happened. Did Nickelback really write a song called "Something in Your Mouth"? And did it need a long explanation?

Of course it did because barking frontman Kroeger, with constant references to sex and alcohol, strives to be the most obnoxious dude at the party. He actually gulped a shot from a fan and yelled, "Daddy likey!"

But OK, if we are to buck the critical consensus and end this on a nice note, we'd say Nickelback rocked like pros, played the decent hits ("How You Remind Me" and "Someday"), shot free stuff out of cannons and gave fans everything they wanted.

Except a time machine.

Scott Mervis: or 412-263-2576.


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