4 Duquesne U. students have swine flu in Italy

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Four Duquesne University students visiting Italy with an opera group have been quarantined for the past several days with swine flu, but the quarantine was lifted today.

Duquesne spokeswoman Bridget Fare said the students were in a group of eight university students and three others traveling with a Duquesne opera professor, whose name was not released, and were in an area outside of Rome when a female student became ill.

That student tested positive for the H1N1 flu virus and was hospitalized. Subsequently three other students fell ill with the flu but did not require hospitalization. All members of the group were given the medication Tamiflu to either fight the symptoms or prevent the flu.

The students who tested positive were quarantined in their hotel room, Ms. Fare said.

The others in the group were able to continue with their activities, which included attending classes and taking side trips. However, the group canceled a performance that had been scheduled.

Ms. Fare said Italian medical authorities lifted the quarantine today. The group was expected home on a flight Tuesday.

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