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Let's Talk About: natural tie dye

Free of chemicals and easy for kids to handle, natural dyes can range from nuts to berries to plants.

1 day ago

 A hooded pitta at the National Aviary.

Let's Talk About Birds: hooded pitta

Pittas are chunky, medium-sized songbirds with long sturdy legs, stout beaks, large eyes, stubby tails and a distinctive plumages.

2 days ago

 Self Portrait by Julia Parra using a process called scanogram.

Let's talk about art: Alternative photo processes

Alternative photo processes available on smartphones are reviving interest in historic photography techniques.

3 days ago

Stargazing: Mars overtakes Saturn

Since ending its backward motion in May, Mars has moved easterly through Virgo and will meet up and pass Saturn this weekend.

4 days ago

Let's Learn From The Past: Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie — an immigrant, steel baron and one of the world’s wealthiest men — left a far-reaching legacy with his philanthropy.

1 week ago

 Black vulture.

Let's Talk About Birds: Vultures

When they’re afoot, vultures may appear ungainly — even ugly — but they are the epitome of grace and beauty when they are on the wing.

2 weeks ago

Stargazing: The summer triangle and 'supermoon'

Vega, Deneb and Altair are the three stars that outline a large triangle that rides in the southern sky through summer and into autumn.

2 weeks ago

Let's Talk About: Earth's past climate

Climate scientists use clues such as pollen and tree rings to figure out what Earth’s climate was like millions of years ago.

3 weeks ago

Let's Learn From the Past: Robert Fulton

Inventor, engineer and Pennsylvania native Robert Fulton developed the first commercial steamboat to successfully navigate Western waters

3 weeks ago

Illustrator James McMullan draws readers into 'Leaving China: An Artist Paints His World War II Childhood'

Mr. McMullan is best known as the illustrator of “I Stink,” the story of a garbage truck, but his newest work, a memoir, is quite different.

3 weeks ago

Stargazing: Moon to pass celestial trio

Before the waxing moon completes one-quarter of its journey around Earth, it will pass Spica and Mars and be in position to pass Saturn.

3 weeks ago

Let's Talk About: Ramps and rolling

Building and exploring ramps with your child is easy and provides a great opportunity for preschool engineering and problem solving.

4 weeks ago

Let's Learn From the Past: Johnny Appleseed

The real Johnny Appleseed was a man named John Chapman who frequented Western Pennsylvania.

4 weeks ago

 Baby fairy bluebirds at the National Aviary.

Let's Talk About Birds: Baby birds

What hatches out of a bird’s egg can be homely and helpless or capable and cute, depending on what kind of bird it is.

1 month ago


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