Name that mascot!

April 27, 2007

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While your regular Blog 'n Gold-er is vacationing in Europe and soaking up some culture (how can anyone leave town during draft weekend?), Blog 'n Golder-ette will keep the conversation going for the moment. At least until Jerry Micco, the leader of the P-G sports department, takes over here with draft updates live tomorrow.

The big news today is that the Steelers will have a mascot again. It even reminded some of the recently departed Bill Cowher. "Cowher might be under there," kidded Hines Ward. So to steal a line from the old Spy magazine, we offer you:

Bill Cowher, at left, and the new mascotSEPARATED AT BIRTH?

And BNG is already hearing from you:

Please tell me that Art Rooney is not serious about the joke of a mascot the team introduced as part of the 75th anniversary celebration. I am praying that the mascot will only appear at two regular season games when the Steelers wear their new throwback unis and not at every home game. As a Pittsburgh ex-pat, I don't think I will be able to take the relentless harassment that will ensue when that clown of a mascot takes to the field.

I constantly preach to my non-Pittsburgh friends that Steeler fans pride themselves on no-frills, no-fuss football. Not only is this mascot downright laughable with his gargantuan movie star smile and lumberjack shirt, but I think we are going to be relegated to the likes of other teams with embarassingly wimpy mascots (think T.D. the Dolphin, Swoop the Eagle, and the Ravens' asinine Edgar, Allan, and Poe).

Can't we please gently remind Art that we don't need a mascot? Everyone of us Pittbsurghers already bleeds black and gold - we don't need any extra incentive to cheer. The only thing worse than adopting a mascot would be a squad of cheerleaders. (In which case, I might be forced to withdraw my name from the 10-year season ticket waiting list.)

If I see this guy standing in my section, I might be inclined to douse him with my Primanti sandwich n'at.

Sarah Kelly

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