'Connected' mural

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5. "Connected" by Will Schlough, 4301 Murray Ave., Greenfield.

Pittsburgh: City Of Murals

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With staircases and doors that never seem to end and one boldly colored facade leading to the next, Will Schlough's "Connected" captures the unique topography of Greenfield.

"[Greenfield] sort of sits up there above everything and as a result so many houses in the neighborhood are very porch-friendly," Mr. Schlough said. "There's also stairs all throughout Greenfield, whether they're stairs up to peoples' porches or houses because they're on steep hills or they're just stairs to get from one level of the neighborhood to the next."

Originally from Ohio, Mr. Schlough, 28, had just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in fine arts when he was chosen, in 2007, for the mural by Connect Greenfield, a community organization that applied for a Sprout Fund grant.

It was his first large-scale project and he decided to go with an M.C. Escher influence where there's no up or down and no discernible beginning. He learned as he went along, and it was smooth sailing until the last few days when he had to work with a broken foot.

"The very last day I was painting, I went inside to clean some brushes in the PNC Bank and somebody -- I don't know if they'd just been watching me or what -- but somebody went in my backpack and stole my laptop while I was inside," he said. "[They stole] from a crippled person painting a mural in the neighborhood," he laughed.

"Connected" was just the beginning for the Friendship resident. Since then, he has worked on multiple murals and public sculptures. "My goal is to make work that's a little bit more accessible and playful just so anybody walking down the street can take notice and then get it and enjoy it and have it say something to them," he said.

His next project is a mural in Ithaca, N.Y.


First Published August 17, 2013 4:00 AM


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