State reminds older drivers how they might save on insurance

What, state officials are suggesting ways older folks might save money on car insurance? Heck yeah, sign us up!

It’s actually not clear you can save any money, as there’s a good chance you’ve already considered the various things that the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and Pennsylvania Department of Aging have included in their little brochure, the Senior Auto Insurance Checklist. It’s not an actual check, after all, but a checklist — a few reminders of things worth considering as the years pass and your situation changes.

“When a change happens in your life that affects when and how much you drive, it’s smart to review your auto insurance policy to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should,” acting Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman advised. “This is true for seniors who now may be driving fewer miles and at times of the day when there are fewer cars on the road.”

Here’s a summary of key things the brochure says you should examine in your auto insurance policy and go over with your agent, if appropriate:

• If drivers are retired, they could drop the wage replacement or income loss coverage that is designed to pay bills if a crash-related injury prevents them from working.

• Also retirement-related, if motorists are no longer commuting to work five days a week they can report lower annual mileage on the vehicle, which may decrease premiums.

• If a car is now being driven at non-peak periods on the highway for pleasure instead of used for rush hour commutes, premiums could also be affected.

• If you’ve become an empty nester whose children once covered on the policy have now moved from home, you could be due for a rate reduction.

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