TV Q&A / Look for "Farm Kings" to return in fall

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Post-Gazette TV writer Rob Owen answers reader questions online every Friday in Tuned In Journal blog at Here’s a selection of recent queries.

Q: Isn't news supposed to be news? The local TV coverage of Wholey’s moving their sign seemed like free advertising to me. How was that news? Do local TV news departments have someone reviewing whether a story is really news? They should. I can see if it's something the station is involved in, like WTAE-sponsored events at Seven Springs so they promote that. That’s still inappropriate but understandable. Am I the only one annoyed by this? -- Kate, 43, Scott Township

Rob: I’m far more annoyed by the Seven Springs sponsorship where WTAE allows commercialism into its newscasts.

The Wholey’s sign is part of the city’s visual landscape: Where it will move to is definitely news — cultural news but still news. Now, if Wholey’s was a sponsor in the newscast or if the story was about something other than the sign, maybe I would feel differently.

Q: What has happened to the “Farm Kings”? It seems there were one or two new programs and then they started showing the old ones again. -- Nancy, 67, Ross.

Rob: The eight-episode third season aired from December to February. “Farm Kings” has been renewed for a 10-episode fourth season that’s expected to air this fall.

Q: Any idea why the entire run of “St. Elsewhere” has never come out on DVD? The first season was released a few years back, but nothing since. “St. Elsewhere” is always mentioned anytime a long-running series ends so it's not a show that has been forgotten. Any idea if it runs anywhere either on cable or online? -- Chris, 40, Glenshaw

Rob: Season one was released on DVD in 2006 and there were rumors of more seasons in 2009 but nothing came of them. It’s possible more will be released at some point but that timetable is at the discretion of the rights owner and fans will just have to wait and see.

“Hill Street Blues,” a contemporary of “St. Elsewhere,” got a complete series box set release from Shout! Factory in April.

Q: I have enjoyed the episodes of “Intelligence” and was curious if you have watched this better-than-average thriller.

I enjoy the characters. The writing is tight. They don’t go over-the-top with technology. The sexual tension is growing and the writers have created interesting plots.

What is the buzz about this show? -- Donn, Munhall

Rob: Reviews of “Intelligence” were middling at best – it received a 56 out of 100 at Metacritic and I’d say my review was well within the norm. “Intelligence” was canceled in May and won’t be back.

Q: I am finding more and more when I DVR a show that small parts at the beginning and end are missing. It was especially an issue with NBC comedy shows. I just got in habit of DVRing first show and extend for 2 hours so I got them in one block. On FX shows it happens a lot as well. It can't be that hard to fit a show in its correct time slot. And I won't even get started on the 8:31 or 9:01 starts that wreak havoc if trying to DVR multiple shows. Shows won't DVR because of the one-minute carry over to next time spot. -- Bill, 46, Upper St Clair

Rob: Networks don’t really care about fitting shows into appropriate, predictable time slots anymore; they just want to hook as many viewers as possible, whatever it takes. As for DVRs, the start and stop times are based on what’s in the listings and the listings rely on the networks to provide accurate start and stop time data, which they don’t always do, or they do it too late and the listings don’t get updated.

Q: My question is what channel are the NEW “Family Feud” shows on and what time. -- Pat, 39, Sewickley

Rob: Original episodes of “Family Feud” air at 7 and 7:30 p.m. weekdays on WPCW.

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