Abby Krizner fills us in on her musical loves and hates

So, Abby Krizner is a fan of Queens of the Stone Age. Who would have guessed?! Read on for more shocking revelations from the singer for Fist Fight in the Parking Lot and the afternoon DJ for The X (105.9 FM):

Your first concert:

Elton John when it was still Star Lake Amphitheatre and I was about 8 or 9 years old. I was obsessed with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" after tapping into Dad's vinyl collection based on what records had cartoons on them. Ended up being a pretty full-proof system.

Band/artist for which you have the most albums:

Wow, after consulting iTunes -- Radiohead and Carcass are tied. And, no, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Favorite singer:

Steve Marriott (Humble Pie/Small Faces). I'm a sucker for dirty rock 'n' roll, and Steve Marriott had this beautifully raspy delivery almost like you weren't sure if he was going to hit a note, but then not only did he belt it out, he took you to church while he was at it.

Favorite guitarist:

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss). I love his guitar tone, and his leads are always a complement to the song, not in competition with it. ... Everything he writes sounds like a sexy nightmare. And, yes, that's a good thing.

Guilty pleasure band/performer

'80s Kiss. I clarify this because I will own the fact that I liked the '70s-era Kiss in a very legitimate way, but trust me if "Lick It Up" comes on the jukebox I WILL not hesitate to make (more of) an imbecile of myself. I have some pretty sweet Paul Stanley dance moves.

Artist you couldn't be paid enough to go see:

I think everyone expects me to say Taylor Swift (which is true), but having gone to a concert by the band fun., I would think it'd take chloroform to get me to go to another one.

Best show you saw last year:

Cheap Trick at Stage AE! It was a light crowd so I was able to jump right in front and smile ear to ear for a couple hours. Honorable mention to Baroness at Mr. Smalls Theater.

X-related -- Band that you and Mark Madden agree upon most:

UFO is far and away the winner. The Michael Schenker era specifically for me. Megadeth is a close second.

Band you disagree upon most:

Well, I just found out that Mark hates Queens of the Stone Age, so unfortunately now, we're enemies for life.

Favorite artist you've met through TheX/PromoWest Live:

I did get to meet Josh Homme this year, and he was insightful, hilarious and as kind as I could have ever hoped. I started listening to Queens of the Stone Age in high school, so to have a beer with him pretty much made me explode into confetti.

Artist you'd rather not encounter again:

Most bands and artists are well behaved when they come by for promotions or interviews. It's the folks that just can't hide that they "just don't want to be there" that bum me out. But no one has ever been rude enough to earn a mention.

Favorite Pittsburgh venue:

Tough to pick actually because it depends on the show. For the big bands, Stage AE. Small clubs, I like Howlers a lot because they give so many bands of different genres an opportunity to play. Obviously the 31st Street Pub is a rock institution, and I've seen countless shows there. This is actually the toughest question!

Local band you could see any night:

Well, my husband will be embarrassed by this, but his band Supervoid is one of my genuine favorites.

Favorite music-related movie:

There's a Ramones documentary called "End of the Century." Pretty sure I cried.

Least favorite music-related movie:

I watched approximately 45 seconds of "Rock of Ages." It was like getting punched in the soul.

Your best onstage moment:

I was in a band that performed at CBGB's. I tried to absorb every second of just being there. ... I also took a round of penicillin when I got home just to be safe.

Most awkward onstage moment:

I have a tendency to be more nervous than I appear on stage, and as a result I've said enough foot-in-mouth things to last me a lifetime of embarrassment.

Best band advice you've gotten:

"For anything you do to be worth it, it has to cost you something."

Worst band advice you've gotten:

"Hey, your band is really good!"

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