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New Found Glory was part of the pop-punk wave of the '90s. Not with Green Day, Rancid and Blink-182 in the early '90s, but later, when a lot of people were already burned out on it.

That didn't stop the band, which debuted in '99, from breaking out with "My Friends Over You" from 2002's "Stick and Stones." NFG has weathered the decline of pop-punk to release four more albums, including 2011's "Radiosurgery," on Epitaph. Two years later, the band comes back with its first live album, the 20-track "Kill it Live," complete with three new songs.

New Found Glory
With: Alkaline Trio, H2O.
Where: Stage AE, North Shore.
When: Doors at 6:30 tonight.
Tickets: $30;

Guitarist Steve Klein talked about the record in advance of NFG's show here with Alkaline Trio.

Why'd you guys do a live album? Did you want to show off your live show or were you fulfilling a contract?

No, we're not even on a label now. It's because we never had a live record. People always tell us, "You guys should do a live record. Your shows are so interactive with the crowd." We did two shows at Chain Reaction, a club in Anaheim. It's like the CBGB's of California, I would say. We took pictures of everybody who came to the show and that's the layout, of the kids. We wanted to capture exactly how our live shows are, which is the crowd pretty much singing back every word of every song.

You probably came along too late for like "Frampton Comes Alive" and "Cheap Trick at Budokan," but were there live albums you really liked?

No. I love "Cheap Trick at Budokan"! I used to go back in the day and listen to old Faith No More live records and old Green Day live records, just bootlegs and stuff and download them. A lot of classic Metallica and Pantera, listening to old live records. Those are cool because you get to hear the crowd and get to feel how the band is. It's just raw. That's what we strive for.

Pop-punk was so popular in the '90s. What is the state of it now?

I think it's never going to die. I think when you say "popular," you mean on radio and TV, but for us, it never became unpopular, because it never showed in our shows. It didn't really affect us because we built such a cult fan base before we were on TV or the radio. All that hard work and building and gaining new fans and putting on the live shows we do has made the kids stay. That was our whole thing with releasing "Pop-Punk's Not Dead" on T-shirts and stickers. This music, to me, is stronger than ever with bands like The Story So Far, Man Overboard, Wonder Years. There's a lot of pop-punk bands that are still doing well, and Green Day's still doing well and Blink. And there are still new ones every day popping up.

Did you guys ever think of doing a Broadway rock opera?

Uh, no. Nor like a themed record. I think what people like about New Found Glory is we write songs about things we're going through or things that our friends around us are going through, and that's what makes us really relatable. You listen to our songs and they sound very honest and sincere, so when the kids come to the show they know all the words and they want to sing it back to us, and it makes the show so energetic and fun.

You have a long history with Warped Tour. Will you keep doing it?

If the timing is right, for sure. Warped is really fun. We started on the local stage and worked up to two weeks. We've been through the whole spectrum. It was always a lot of fun. We won't do it next year, but maybe after that.

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