Movie review: Mother steals the show in 'Carrie' remake

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Editor's note: "Carrie" was not previewed for Pittsburgh critics.

Awash in blood and tears, a woman howls in unspeakable anguish as she gives birth in the harrowing opening moments of "Carrie."

She is ashen and alone, her face gnarled with fear. Believing the child to be the devil's spawn, she grabs a pair of scissors to stab the infant. Only the baby's soft mewling, the pureness of its gaze, spares it from the knife.


2.5 stars = Average
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  • Starring:

    Julianne Moore, Chloe Grace Moretz.

  • Rating:

    R for bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual content.

Director Kimberly Peirce summons up the bracing thematic subtext of her stylish remake in that deeply disturbing scene. It's masterful filmmaking that shows her gift for psychological nuance.

The cringe-inducing opening tableau tells us this is a tale about the cycle of birth and death, the fierce bond between mother and child and the destiny of biology. This is a movie that mines the horror of real life, from dysfunctional families to cyber bullies.

That the opening scene is by far the most chilling in the movie is both the strength of this remake and its key weakness.

Ms. Peirce shines such a harsh spotlight on the twisted love between the religious zealot mother, Margaret White (played with heart-pounding menace by Julianne Moore), and her misfit daughter Carrie, (Chloe Grace Moretz), that the rest of Carrie's connections to the world seem like an afterthought.

Home is the real horror here. Ms. Moore's captivating performance steals some of the thunder because very little else in the picture can rival it.

While Ms. Peirce pays homage to Brian De Palma's 1976 original by echoing many of that film's seminal moments, she diminishes the bite of the bullying that Carrie endures from her peers. And that robs this revenge tragedy of its visceral impact.


First Published October 17, 2013 8:00 PM


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