'Pittsburgh N'at' amuses with familiar phrases, faces

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Not as ambitious as some past specials, "Pittsburgh N'at With Dave & Dave ... and Friends" is a show for Pittsburghers who like to revel in everything they already know about Pittsburgh. If that sounds like too much of a rehash, well, it is. But it's an amusing rehash.

This isn't a show about new finds, it's a collection of Pittsburgh luminaries speaking in relatable terms about all the things that make Pittsburgh unique. "Pittsburgh N'at" (8 tonight, WQED) isn't a visually exciting show -- mostly it's talking heads with a few shots of Dave Rhodes and Dave Hallewell connecting the topics while standing in front of city landmarks -- but if you're a fan of local media figures, it's a fun hour. Jim Krenn, Randy Baumann, Sally Wiggin, Stan Savran, Larry Richert, Julie Bologna, Anji Corley, Susie Meister, Rick Sebak and Mike Lange are among those who contribute smart, funny commentary.

On Pittsburghese: "I wash, thank God, but my mom warshes and my dad goes to Warshington," Meister says. "That's a whole new level of inappropriate speech."

'Pittsburgh N'at With Dave & Dave ... and Friends'
  • When: 8 tonight, WQED

On our neighborhoods and provincialism: "The North Hills is like a foreign country to me as a South Hills person," Sebak says. "And Monroeville? I don't want to have anything to do with them either."

On the weather: "I've never been snowed in but I've got a pallet of toilet paper out back just in case," Richert says.

"Pittsburgh N'at" also includes tributes to Sebak's programs, including Baumann's perfect imitation of the WQED producer's voice, and the late Fred Rogers.

Essentially a crash course in Pittsburgh 101, the program would be an ideal introduction to the city except that it relies too heavily on viewers knowing the personalities of the interviewees who populate the program. Newcomers won't know them, which makes the show's appeal narrower than a travelogue like Dave & Dave's recent "Strange Pennsylvania."

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