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Burning down the House

Via 2 Political Junkies: U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Forest Hills, on the House floor cited an Internet posting that, he said, "describes the type of negotiations the Republicans want to have" on the government shutdown and debt ceiling. To wit ...

Can I burn down your house?


How 'bout just the second floor?


How about the garage?


Well, let's talk about what I can burn down.



"Mr. Speaker, this is what we've been going through. You want a budget for six weeks? Defund Obamacare. Delay Obamacare. Take away the individual mandate from Obamacare. Or, please, just sit down with us and tell us what we can take away from 20 million Americans who need health care, and then we'll reopen the government.

"Let me say to my colleagues, if you would just stop trying to burn down the house, we can talk."

Democrat(!) to head Fed

Daniel Gross at The Daily Beast: "The fact that [Janet] Yellen, the current vice chair of the nation's central bank, is a woman isn't the most remarkable historical fact about her impending appointment[ as chair of the Fed]. Of course, that is remarkable. For the first time in their careers, the heads of Wall Street's investment banks and hedge funds will, in effect, be reporting to a woman as their boss. No, the remarkable fact is this: For the first time in a generation, an actual Democrat will be in charge of monetary policy."

Mr. Gross goes on to explain that even recent Democratic presidents have appointed Republican Fed chairs mainly to appease Republican-leaning financial markets. Now, he says, "the perception (the hope for the left, the fear for the right) is that she will be much more concerned with promoting full employment and somewhat less concerned with fighting inflation than her predecessor. Given where the economy is today -- very little inflation, too little job growth -- that is in fact the correct attitude."

He also expects that "we'll be in for a lot of explicit and implicit sexist comments from Wall Street about the new head of the central bank."

Right wing for Redskins

Eric Levenson at TheAtlanticWire: "After President Obama added his voice to the growing calls to change the name of the Washington Redskins football team, several conservative commentators doubled down in support of the name and tried to figure out the real reason the liberal media opposes it. Despite the racially offensive name, for these conservative pundits, the whole controversy is just a liberal ploy for their own ends. ...

"As [Rush] Limbaugh explains to his listeners, 'This is being totally driven by the media. This is not being driven by fans. It's not being driven by people in football. It's totally driven by leftist activists in the media.' No one who counts is mad about it: 'The Redskins fans are not upset. The Redskin donor class, season ticket holders, they're not upset. The Redskins players are not upset. RG3 doesn't care. There's nobody upset.' "

Christian soldiers

Michael Brown at Townhall: "At a time when so many of our Christian leaders are guilty of compromising the gospel before the media, dishonoring the Lord as they try to make God's Word palatable to the world, it was an older British woman, nearly 70 and the owner of a bed and breakfast, who displayed a backbone of steel, a deep and consistent faith and a theological clarity while being grilled on national TV. Cheers for Hazelmary Bull!

"Hazelmary and her husband Peter ... owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Cornwall, England, for three decades. Five years ago, they refused to rent a double-bedded room to a homosexual couple, since they only rent these rooms to married men and women, as stated plainly on their website.

"The two men were offended and took the Bulls to court, and this Christian couple was found guilty of hurting the feelings of the gay couple, fining them more than $6,000. The Bulls are now appealing that decision to UK's Supreme Court, although due to decreased business they have had to close down their bed and breakfast."


Greg Victor ( First Published October 12, 2013 8:00 PM


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