Saturday Poem / Voyager 1

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The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.
-- Walt Whitman

with less fanfare than Elvis leaving Graceland
the first spacecraft has left our solar system
and though its 36 year marriage to this well of souls
is irretrievably broken
it has not given up on love

every six months
it plays an 8-track tape featuring
the Plasma Waves and sends its music out
across the universe
college radio style
23 blazing watts
back to the old neighborhood
with one-eighth the energy of your cell phone

its solid gold record
cartridge and haystack needle included
is an iconographic tell-all book
aimed to entice future interstellar suitors
if indeed 40,000 years from now
Voyager has not lost its looks
and speed dating is no longer the rage

it is for us then
who got the island house and kids
to move on as well
forgiving what can't be helped
and forgiven if we stop from time to time
to comb the shoreline's tidal necklace
in search of that one stone
as rare as Miami snowfall
whose outward toss will never land


Mike Hallock is a poet and songwriter who currently is putting together a book of his poetry and song lyrics. He is a founder of the Lost Marbles band and has a number of CDs released under the name of his studio band, High On Loretta. He lives in Greenfield.


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