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Too much gay!

The Borowitz Report: "In an outburst that shocked many onlookers at the Supreme Court today, Justice Antonin Scalia said that it made him 'angry beyond belief' that he had to listen to people talking about gay couples all week.

"As Justice Anthony Kennedy questioned whether it was appropriate for the court to hear a case about same-sex marriage at this time, Mr. Scalia stunned observers with an emotional outburst. 'OK, could we just stop talking about this stuff right now?' Justice Scalia snapped at Justice Kennedy. 'I've told you all how I feel about this topic, and I don't understand why we're going on and on about it unless you all hate me.'

"As the courtroom froze in dead silence, Justice Scalia seemed to gather steam, shouting, 'For two days, it's been gay this, gay that. You're all just talking about this stuff as if it's the most normal thing in the world. Well, it's not, OK? It's weird and it's wrong. And just talking about it like it's OK and whatnot is making me angry beyond belief.' "

Deserting the GOP?

Rod Dreher in The American Conservative: "Mike Huckabee warns that if the GOP caves on same-sex marriage, evangelicals will walk. I don't believe it. This is an empty threat. Huckabee and I are on the same side of the SSM question, so for 'evangelicals' you might as well substitute 'social conservatives.' I think very few of us will abandon the Republican Party over this issue. Why would we, given the alternative would be a Democratic Party that's more hostile to our values and concerns?

"If he's talking about evangelicals and other social conservatives walking away from political engagement within the GOP and on behalf of GOP candidates, he may have a point. If they decide that the party has surrendered on the issues that are most important to them, that can't help but reduce enthusiasm and engagement."

Export Mr. Rogers?

Virginia Montanez at her Pitt Girl blog: "We've previously discussed how very possessive Pittsburghers can be with our Pittsburgh-y people, places and things. Primanti Bros. going nationwide? The nerve! The Terrible Towel is ours and we laugh at your Jag Rag, Jacksonville. Don't even talk to us about your lame wedding cookie table in Seattle, hipster bride. ...

"Now comes word that Target Canada recently purchased the rights from the Fred Rogers Co. to use a version of 'It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' in a commercial, and some Pittsburghers are still trying to catch their breaths -- what with all the horrified gasping they're doing. ...

"When I first heard the news [and] the subsequent outrage from 'Burghers, I assumed the commercial must feature a theme that went against everything Mister Rogers stood for -- like ... a Mister Rogers impersonator standing in the snow, drinking a Molson, wearing a Maple Leafs-branded cardigan while two models in Target bikinis and generic Uggs are draped on each of his arms."

At this point, Ms. Montanez posts the commercial, which shows idylic scenes of super-nice Canadian neighbors, and concludes: "Now, now. There's nothing wrong with this commercial, and I'm of the opinion that it is exactly the perfect use for the song, and if licensing it put more money into the pockets of the organization charged with carrying on the legacy of Fred Rogers, that's not a bad thing."

Abortion scare tactic

Randall Gross at Little Green Footballs writes about what he calls a "cruel" Kansas abortion bill: "The bill contains several overbearing and offensive requirements for doctors. The worst is a requirement that physicians must falsely inform patients that abortion may increase the risk of breast cancer.

"An abortion-breast cancer link is wishful thinking on the part of anti-abortion crusaders, buoyed by a few small, early studies. Later, more comprehensive research found no connection. In the early 2000s, the National Cancer Institute convened more than 100 leading experts to review the research. They concluded that neither abortion nor miscarriage increases a woman's chances of developing breast cancer. ...

"Why would a talented young doctor want to practice in a state that requires physicians to perpetuate a discredited scare tactic?"


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