Election 2012: Letters to the editor supporting Romney

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Let us prosper

With regard to the Post-Gazette's Oct. 24 lead editorial, "Final Joust," the PG finally cut to the heart and soul of what this campaign is all about with this beautiful sentence concerning the last debate: "They agreed that the nation needs a strong economy at home if it is to play a formidable role abroad." Bingo!

While our national security is of great importance, by a wide margin the economy remains the single most critical issue facing this country. On this front, Mitt Romney holds a solid advantage. It is absurd for our president to go around the world preaching to other countries about getting their collective houses in order while ours is collapsing like a house of cards.

We taxpayers are on the hook for a long, long time with all the government's stimulus spending, bailouts and cherry-picking businesses which have failed miserably because the president's advisers can't understand a balance sheet. These directives alone should give pause to anyone who is ready to roll the dice on another four years of lackluster leadership.

The choice is clear for a more prosperous America: Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.


Inane reasoning

In his Oct. 31 column "Why I'm Voting for Obama," Post-Gazette associate editor Dan Simpson provides us with five reasons why he is voting for Barack Obama. His first four are as follows: Something Sen. Mitch McConnell said about making Mr. Obama a one-term president, Mr. Romney's "47 percent" comment, Republicans (including state House Majority Leader Mike Turzai's comment about) hindering voting by the poor and Mr. Romney's supposed gaffes on his trip overseas, including his questioning of London's security preparations for the Olympics.

As inane as those reasons are, and also that his entire column does not include even one word as to what Mr. Obama has done or will do to deserve to be re-elected, that is not why I write this letter. My reason is Mr. Simpson's fifth, final and overriding reason why he is voting for Mr. Obama (but, based on his column, more properly stated as to why he will not vote for Mr. Romney).

The final reason given by Mr. Simpson in effect is that he will vote for Mr. Obama because Mr. Romney is a Mormon. Mr. Simpson ends his column by writing that Mr. Romney "believes firmly that he should be the first Mormon president" and "for that reason, if for nothing else, I don't want Mitt Romney to be elected president and will vote for Mr. Obama."

And, for that reason alone (though there are many others), I write that Mr. Simpson must go!


Morality counts

The Obama administration is the most incompetent and morally corrupt one of my 74 years. Its four-year record of poor stewardship is now sealed by the fate of those whom it allowed to be murdered in Benghazi, Libya, without providing any assistance in response to their pleas for help over a nine-hour period viewed in real time by all pertinent defense and security agencies, including those in the White House situation room.

In addition, the majority of Catholics have been wedded to the Democratic Party because of social issues. A well-informed conscience will now prevent them from voting for their favorite party because of its support for positions considered by the church to be intrinsically evil -- if, of course, they don't wish to be guilty of even remote complicity.

It is evident that our congressional leaders are so taken up with protecting their careers that they have ceased to care about the citizens they represent and the country they profess to love.

Nov. 6 will soon tell us all how immoral the culture of our country and its citizenry have become.

Squirrel Hill

Consider Libya

To all my fellow voters in the Pittsburgh area: When you go to the polls Tuesday, I hope your vote will be guided more by considering whether the current president properly handled the attack on our Libyan consulate when former Navy SEAL Ty Woods requested, and was denied, military aid than by whether Sandra Fluke will be able to get taxpayer-funded contraceptives under a President Mitt Romney.



Regarding the letter "Tell the Rest of Us" (Oct. 29): Tell me just how President Barack Obama has improved the job picture in this country since 2008 and explain just what his plan is to create jobs. I can tell you that Mr. Obama's plan is to spend another $6 trillion like he has done in his first four years, while creating nothing but debt.

The trouble with Obama supporters is that they are going to vote without a lick of common sense. Mr. Obama is nothing but a con artist. Some people have closed Democratic minds. I'm a Democrat and, keeping an open mind, I see this guy as fibber-in-chief and would not vote for him for dog catcher -- as he would try to sell you a cat as a dog.

Crafton Heights

PG for socialism

Once again the Post-Gazette endorses more socialism for our state and our nation ("Re-Elect Obama," Oct. 28). Shame on you for keeping your head in the sand. When will you ever realize that the many social programs that are dumped on the "poor" actually do more to harm the recipients than it harms the people who have to pay for the programs? Socialism only works until you run out of other people's money to spend.




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