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In case you haven't guessed it, I am going to miss George W. Bush. He has been a gift to editorial cartoonists. We're not General Motors. What's good for editorial cartoonists is not good for the country.

In 1999, before I really knew much about Dubya, I drew his ears a normal size. Then, as his outrageous policies and attitude became larger than life, so did his ears. It's odd that someone with such big ears, even if they were cartoon ears, could be so deaf to the concerns of average Americans.

The historic election means 2009 will bring a changing of the ears. Obama already made the mistake of admitting that his ears stick out a little.

I am nervous about the future. Not because the economy is in a death spiral, we're fighting two wars or because the newspaper business is, um, challenged. No, I'm nervous because I'm afraid Obama will be a sensible, thoughtful and intelligent leader. Good for the country, not good for cartoonists.

Rob Rogers is the Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist ( , 412-263-1979). The Next Page is different every week. John Allison, , 412-263-1915


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