Andrea Wetherald / Share Closet, CEO

What drives you up the wall? "When someone has an inaccurate self-story so they are not honest about their true strengths nor weaknesses."

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Andrea Wetherald was looking for an adventure and planning to head off to China to teach English as a second language.

Instead Ms. Wetherald has found her adventure in her closet and the closets of her friends who are about her size.

Ms. Wetherald's business is still in a pre-nascent stage. It is not yet incorporated, but it is already well past the idea level. She has networked her way around town, having been declined for a couple of incubator programs she and her team keep on keeping on.

The idea for her business, Share Closet, came out of her family's home.

Ms. Wetherald has two sisters who are about her size. When she moved away from home, she said, she lost 66 percent of her wardrobe.

In Pittsburgh when she needed clothes for an event, her friend Sarah Longo would show up with a grocery bag full of outfits.

There had to be an easier way to share and share alike (and keep track of who has those cool boots). So Share Closet, or at least the idea for Share Closet, was born.

When fully running, Share Closet will be a website where users can offer up their clothes to each other and keep track of who borrows what. There will even be an automated reminder to that someone who borrowed those boots that maybe it is time to return them.

The business is being started out of her Highland Park apartment, and she found that her leadership style is to be clear about expectations and also be clear about problems.

One of the problems with a start-up is that there is a ton of enthusiasm that can dry up quickly when the real work becomes real work.

Ms. Wetherald said it is important to be "honest, clear and kind" so that she can have the hard conversations to address problems that arise.

"I think what it takes to be a good leader is to bring people onto your team who you trust," she said.


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