Tony Norman

 Gerald Stern: "I never really left Pittsburgh."

Tony Norman: Poet Gerald Stern remains riveting

The Pittsburgh-born poet, at 90, has a wealth of both achievements and worthy anecdotes to tell. Hear him tonight in Oakland.

about 19 hours ago

Tony Norman: Carson’s gunning for a scary America

Ben Carson’s vision of a well-armed American population is pretty scary.

4 days ago

Tony Norman: Gun law paralysis is the real insanity

Stephen Colbert respond to yet another mass shooting in a way that acknowledged the absurdity of our congressional impasse.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Burgess’ idea would get at quiet racism

Burgess proposal would help address Pittsburgh’s history of quiet racism.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Pope and too many Christians contrast

Pope’s example should put a lot of so-called Christians in their place.

2 weeks ago

 Pope Francis kisses a baby as he parades around the White House Ellipse on Wednesday.

Tony Norman: Where does Pope Francis get his crazy ideas?

How are those who amass the world’s resources for personal gain supposed to feel when a so-called holy man exalts the poor at their expense?

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Dr. Carson descends to Trump's ignorance level

With no-Muslim-as-president line, Dr. Carson satisfies those who suspect that the intelligence of neurosurgeons has been vastly overrated.

3 weeks ago

 Attorney Linda Moreno, Ahmed Mohamed, and Mohamed El Hassan address the media during a news conference on September 16, 2015 in Irving, Texas.

Tony Norman: Stupid paranoia hurts a smart Muslim student

Brainy Muslim student’s treatment shows how ridiculous Islamophobia has become.

3 weeks ago

 Ben Carson is "determined to be perceived by Republican voters as the most reasonable guy in the room."

Tony Norman: Ben Carson could be GOP’s balancing act

Dr. Carson could provide a nice balance to Donald Trump’s egomania for GOP.

4 weeks ago