Tony Norman

Tony Norman: Josh Duggar’s life is a troubling reality

The reality of Josh Duggar’s life is painful to watch.

4 days ago

Tony Norman: Thuggery comes in many shades, sizes

When can we start calling greedy corporate executives thugs, too?

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Seeing Romney box is a curious sight

Seeing Mitt Romney in the boxing ring makes one wonder.

1 week ago

Tony Norman: Jeb Bush is loyal to his brother to a fault

Jeb Bush has tried to sound reasonable about what amounts to an untenable political position — refusing to learn from recent disasters.

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Takeover of Texas is on hold, probably

Ironically, those most concerned about Jade Helm 15 aren’t bothered by militarization of the police or by what’s happening in urban America.

2 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Free speech debate blurs usual divide

Freedom of speech controversies create some strange bedfellows.

3 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Arrests of police are proof of progress

Arrests of Baltimore police demonstrate progress is being made.

3 weeks ago

Tony Norman: Plenty of villains surround ‘hero mom’

Baltimore mom is less of a hero than depicted by the media, but she’s surrounded by plenty of villains.

4 weeks ago