Letters to the Business Editor: Scrapping not always a win-win

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Scrapping not always win-win

Your article on scrapping ("Scooping Up Scrap Garners A Little Cash On The Side," July 14) makes the practice almost sound like a romantic treasure hunt and a win-win situation for all involved.

Not so for this homeowner.

Several weeks ago, a so-called "scrapper" crossed the line, entered my long driveway and removed/stole a stack of vintage flat roofing copper stored near my garage that was being used on my home restoration project. The Butler Township police were called at once, and the case is active.

I baited my driveway the following week with trash and a visible box of old metal, not curbside, but only halfway to the street. That morning a scrapper did not hesitate at all. He parked his truck at the curb and walked right up my drive, onto my property, towards the house. He did not expect me sitting in the shrubs waiting with my morning coffee and camera. His actions were reported at once.

Let's not encourage strangers to come into our neighborhoods, sift through our garbage, and eye our homes and property for a possible return visit.

Another man's treasure is still another man's treasure.



Internships at a premium

I read with interest your article about unpaid internships ("Many Students Debate The Value Of Unpaid Internships," July 14).

I have a son who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (nutrition/clinical dietetics) in May 2012. While in his senior year, he applied for dietetic internships throughout the country. This internship is required by the American Dietetic Association to be able to sit for the registered dietician examination.

My son did apply to the computer-based system, uploaded all required documents and waited to see which internship would accept him. It's quite the process. The computer-based system requires money, and each school/company requires money. Unfortunately, on match day, my son came up empty.

So here he sits, with his degree in his hand, and he has now decided not to attempt to go through this process again because he feels that he has enough debt.



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